What I Ate: Des Moines

“there’s something for everyone”

One word: burritos. I was lucky enough to get a fantastic recommendation from a friend of my boss. She suggested a place near the setup for Pride called Tacopocalypse. She said their vegan chorizo was good enough that that’s always what she ordered, and she’s not even vegan. So of course, I had to give it a try.

The restaurant is right in the heart of downtown Des Moines, just a few blocks down from the capitol building. It’s got a super cool industrial vibe, but the best part is that it has two menus and one is entirely vegan. Even on the main menu, they are willing to swap out things to make just about all their dishes vegan. AND there is so much variety, which is not typical of places that serve both vegan and non-vegan dishes. As for what I specifically ordered:


I first tried the vegan chorizo burrito, which is phenomenal. This picture does not do it justice. It is flavorful, has an amazing texture, and is crazy filling. This is high on the list of my favorite vegan dishes ever.


The burrito I had for lunch was so great I went back for dinner and ordered the California jack, which had jackfruit and guacamole. It was also completely delicious. I was very pleased.

In case you find yourself in the middle of Iowa anytime soon, definitely check this place out. It’s great, especially if you’re eating with friends who want to eat meat, because there’s something for everyone.

What I Ate: KC

“I have seen the light”

My favorite thing about visiting liberal cities is the abundance of vegan-friendly restaurants. This trend is definitely true of Kansas City’s downtown area. Some of my favorites:


Café Gratitude 


Café Gratitude is super hip and cool and organic and vegan and sustainable, so already it’s in like my top ten most “on trend” places. Also all of the dishes are different adjectives and when you order, instead of saying “here’s your ____” the servers say “you are _____” which is just so great and affirming. I had the “Transformed” and it was absolutely delicious.


Columbus Park Ramen Shop


I ordered takeout instead of eating in the restaurant and the mushroom ramen was absolutely incredible. It’s well seasoned and filling and every bite is interesting. (They also feature non-vegan items so make sure you communicate with your server.)


Blue Nile Cafe


This was my first time eating Ethiopian food and honestly, I have seen the light. I ate the veggie combination and everything was so delicious and incredible that my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I also had the apple cider spiced tea and it was phenomenal. (Also, this was definitely the spiciest thing I have ever eaten and I regret absolutely nothing. I would eat here a million times.)


Happy eating!