Thoughts: on this blog

“maybe falling completely in love with yourself is the secret to happiness”

Hot take: a lot of what we do as humans is so that we can feel like or convince ourselves and others that we matter. We tell people we’re named after celebrities or saints, we read classic literature to feel connected and important, we make art, we go to school, we travel. Of course I’m not immune to that, as even this blog is my scream into the abyss that I am an important human.

And maybe that’s just a part of the human experience! Like maybe there’s something to the idea that we do things because we recognize that we’re only here for a short time and we want our stay to be meaningful and beautiful! Maybe that’s poetic!

What I’ve been trying to do in my daily life (especially post-the-beginning-of-Cheeky Femme) is try to recognize that the only person whom I should worry about is me. Yes, it’s a super-cheesy-high-school-assembly line, but maybe falling completely in love with yourself is the secret to happiness. It can’t hurt to try!

So I’ve been trying to be more honest and open with myself. I’ve stopped trying to drown out my thoughts when I’m alone. I tweet things that I think are funny and important and I post pictures on Instagram that I think I look cute in. I’ve tried to stop being so hard on myself. It’s so refreshing to think that the only person you have to please is yourself, especially if you can convince yourself that you love yourself, because you’re so easy to please! (Confusing? Only in sentence form. Abridged version: if you love yourself and live an authentic life you’ll love everything about yourself! It’s like if you were totally in love with someone else except it’s better because it’s you.)

So step one on how to fall in love with your self: do something special for yourself. Go walk in a park or out to dinner or paint something, alone. Don’t cheat by listening to loud music or checking social media the whole time. Learn how to live in your own headspace. Be comfortable by yourself.

Peace and love y’all. Good luck.